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Tutoring Technology Update: What I Use Now

Monday, October 1st, 2012

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what technology I’m currently using to work with my students. So I’m gonna lay it all out for you!

Whiteboards: With all my students, I use groupboard designer as our online whiteboard.

I am no longer using Team Skrbl, which unfortunately is no longer functional. Talkandwrite only works with an old version of Skype (the desktop API) so now I just use groupboard.

I have tried every single whiteboard I can find out there, and these are my current favorites. If you have one you prefer, let me know, and I’ll be happy to give it a try.

Video: All students now use Skype video during our sessions so we can both see and hear each other.

Pen Tablets: Also, re: which bamboo pen tablet I recommend — every single one I’ve used has worked great with the whiteboards above. I just use the most basic model because that’s all my students need for writing math out — they just don’t need the fancier functions of a professional graphics tablet.

Thanks to all the developers who have made these awesome products a reality! I use them every day with my students, and I really want to spread the word about the good stuff.

Are you intrigued by using this kind of fun technology to work one-on-one with a caring mentor to master math, increase your confidence, and really improve your grades?

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Sending you love,

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14 Comments on “Tutoring Technology Update: What I Use Now”

  • […] Unfortunately, at the time of this update, Team Skrbl has not been functional for a while. For a full update of what I’m currently using instead, check out the latest post on my online tutoring technology. […]

  • Bruce on October 3rd 9:51 am

    Thanks for the info. I will check these items out.


  • EonlineTutors on October 15th 1:31 am

    While studying the usage of these multimedia aids really make things interesting.

  • Bruce on October 29th 2:50 pm

    Does talk and write pro function on the mac?

  • Rebecca Zook on October 29th 6:12 pm

    Hey Bruce! Talkandwritepro at the present time and for the forseeable future is for PC only. That is why I use that with students with PCs and groupboard with students who have macs.

  • danimal on February 24th 12:56 pm

    Hi Rebecca,
    in an earlier post on tech, you wrote reasons why you prefer calling vs webcamming? why do you prefer using skype now?

  • Rebecca Zook on February 24th 1:51 pm

    Thanks for your comment! I’ve found that basically everyone has an integrated webcam now, and most kids would rather see my face and not have to deal with holding a phone or using a computer headset during the session.

    Before it was an option for students who didn’t have a webcam so they didn’t have to buy one – or if they found it distracting. I think maybe the technology has just gotten better and smoother to use now, and maybe more people are used to skyping/webcamming now then they were when I started, since it’s become more mainstream.

  • Tracy W on April 16th 4:53 pm

    Hi Rebecca. I just stumbled across your blog while doing some research. I work with a lot of colleges and universities in implementing online tutoring and have found that there isn’t much available with all of the tools they need. So many tutors and faculty members cobble something together. I don’t want to turn this into an ad, but Tutor Universe might be a good option for you since it has math formulas, graphing tools, a whiteboard (Bamboo compatible!), video, etc.. Marketing is toward college students, but if you want something that’s free to use, it’s worth a look.

  • online tutoring on June 16th 2:25 pm

    Your quest is usually to guideline the college students to academic success by using the effective established adaptive training methods. No matter if the student’s purpose is usually to attain everyone to college or graduate student university so they can just prosper within their lessons, we are here to pay attention as well as aid. Our online tutoring are very qualified.

  • […] Here is a more up-to-date article on the technology I’m currently using, if you’d like to learn more about what I’m doing now: Tutoring Technology Update: What I Use Now […]

  • Jessica on July 4th 8:36 am


    Interesting article. What kind of pricing does talkandwhite pro offer? I’m a Spanish and English tutor (online) on and I’m looking for a great whiteboard solution.



  • Jared R on August 11th 3:22 pm

    I just started using WizIQ for online tutoring. It’s great because its virtual classroom allows you to teach multiple students at once. I’m excited to start running live online SAT classes with it.

    Anyone have experience with WizIQ?

  • Jason on May 24th 1:02 am

    eduWeaver by BrainCert is the most advanced free online Whiteboard and Collaboration tool I have ever tried.

    Free Online Whiteboard –

    Virtual Classroom –

  • reddy kn on February 25th 7:34 am

    Hi jAON

    The info is quite helpful to the budding language tutors as I am

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