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If you want to talk to me first, great!

  • Does this describe you and your family?

    –Is your child freaking out, failing, or secretly crying themselves to sleep about math?
    (even though they’re trying their best?)

    –Are you worried that your child’s math issues
    will prevent their dreams from coming true?

    (Maybe math stress is starting to have a negative impact on other parts of your life:
    your relationship with your child,
    your child’s ability to get their other homework done,
    or even the overall vibe of your entire household?)

    –Are you absolutely unwilling to continue to suffer in your current situation,
    and absolutely clear that you need to do something different?

    –Are you totally clear that you can’t fix this math problem alone,
    or with what you already have in place,
    and that you absolutely need to bring in outside help—like, yesterday?

    (Maybe you’ve tried everything else already—
    Kumon, neighborhood tutors, extra help at school—
    and it hasn’t worked?)


    –Do you want your child to deeply, truly, understand, master,
    and even (if you’re dreaming big) actually LOVE math?

    –Do you want your child to receive support in a committed, long-term mentoring relationship, so they have a completely safe, radically customized, holistic, caring, effective place to learn?

    –Does your child love to express themselves verbally and do so easily?

    –Does your child want to do tutoring?

    –Are you organized, responsible, and focused on supporting the long-term process of mastery?

    If you answered YES to these questions:



    My name is Rebecca Zook, and I help creative kids worldwide
    to experience the confidence that comes from true math mastery.

    Through our work, math becomes something your child
    can laugh, sing, and even dance about.

    I’ve come to understand that what I offer is
    unlike any other math tutoring available in the world.

    Consequently, my students’ results go far and beyond
    what you get from typical tutoring.


    –who have struggled with math for years,

    –who have tried everything else,

    –who have begun to give up on themselves with math,

    –or have long ago decided that they “aren’t a math person,”

    through our work:

    –become straight-A students,

    –go to the top of their class,

    –and transform into confident learners who intuitively seek out mastery.

    This transformation has a positive ripple effect throughout your child’s life,
    and also through your entire family’s life.

    So, let’s connect!

    I’d love to talk to you about how I can help!

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    2. Once your answers are received, I’ll reach out within 2 business days
    to have a brief conversation about what’s not working,
    what you want instead, and how I can help.

    I’m so excited to talk with you about how we can make math magical for your child!

    So go ahead and answer these questions! 🙂

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