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My Seven-Step “Math Mastery Mindset” Process

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I know from experience that everyone can learn to do math. Each person’s brain is different, and together, we find the best way to get math into your brain!

1. Interactive Questions & Immediate Feedback

At this point, you aren’t consistently answering questions correctly in math class, on your homework, or during tests.

In this step, we turn the process around, and I use a series of questions to walk you through the problem interactively. These step-by-step questions break down each problem so we can quickly see exactly where you are confused.

2. Fill in the gaps.

Right now, there are gaps in your math foundation — what you were supposed to learn this week, for the last test, or even going back several years. These misunderstandings frequently cause a lot of your answers to be wrong.

Working together, we immediately start to fill in the gaps and learn a new, correct pattern. This process helps you master the material and start getting more and more right answers.

3. Learn multiple ways to solve.

Currently, you might only know one way to solve a certain kind of problem, so when you get stuck, you feel helpless, with no other way to figure it out. Also, your textbook or class might only be teaching concepts in one or two ways, which don’t always make sense to you.

In our sessions, we will approach each concept in different ways until we find one that really clicks for you. (Approaching the material in different ways also gives you the space to have those flashes of insight where all the pieces fit together and you KNOW you get it!)

4. Practice.

You diligently complete all your homework, but no matter how much time you spend on it, you don’t really understand it, and it’s not helping you truly master the material.

In this step, we will do practice problems precisely tailored to your current level of understanding to help you really get the math into your brain–not just how to do it, but also why it works that way. By practicing and receiving immediate feedback about whether or not you’re doing it correctly and why, you will internalize what to do and the steps will become automatic.

5. Extend.

While you love rising to the challenge in other parts of your academic life, right now, you’re having a tough time just getting through your math assignments, and sometimes you even secretly dread the harder problems towards the end.

In this step, we stretch to the next level and stay in the magical sweet spot between anxiety and boredom by doing incrementally more challenging problems. This way, you will confidently and enjoyably build a bridge from what you DO understand to much more advanced material, without getting frustrated or overwhelmed.

6. Preview

You have no idea what’s coming next, and you don’t even want to think about it because inside, you’re worried you can’t handle it.

In this next step, we break that cycle — we build on the last step, “extend,” and stretch even further by previewing concepts that are coming up. This way, you will confidently walk into math class already knowing what’s coming next, and knowing that you can absolutely handle it.

7. Review

At the present time, even when you learn how to solve one type of problem really well, when it comes up weeks, months, or even a year or two later, you don’t remember how to do it.

Throughout our work together, we periodically review concepts we’ve already covered to keep them fresh and accessible and connect them to our current work. In this way, you achieve complete and true mastery.

All taking place in the context of:

A Positive & Relaxed Atmosphere

Because it’s easier to learn when you’re comfortable! Your experience will be fun and supportive. Our tutoring/mentoring time is full of trust and camaraderie.

Undivided Attention

You will be attentively and compassionately listened to throughout our sessions so I know whether or not you understand, and adjust our approach accordingly. I tune into both your work on the page and your verbal and non-verbal communication.


Our work together is crazy customized in every single nanosecond. We will approach a concept in different ways until we find one that really clicks for you.

We will also work together to find what tools, strategies, and styles help you the most. Through this process, you will become a more active, creative, and confident learner — not only in math, but throughout your life.

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