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As a math mastery mentor and joyful learning expert, Rebecca Zook has over thirteen years of experience as a thought leader on the cutting edge of math education.

In her one-on-one math mentoring programs, Rebecca teaches creative, passionate, visionary, unique kids from around the world who are freaking out, failing, or secretly crying themselves to sleep over math how to cultivate a growth mindset, transcend the system, and achieve true math mastery.

Rebecca Zook in Washington Square Park

(Shooting instructional videos in Washington Square Park)

Rebecca has had her own private professional math mentoring/tutoring practice, Purple Tutu Math Tutoring, since 2003, and her education writing has been featured on Mashable and covered by Wired magazine and the the New York Times.

Rebecca twirling her parasol (Twirling my sparkly parasol on the beach outside Miami)


(Dancing with my Balinese dance teacher, I.G.A. Raka)

Rebecca received a full tuition scholarship to attend Boston University and graduated summa cum laude with a self-designed interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Music and Humanities.

For her senior thesis project, she traveled to Cuba to direct and produce an original documentary about female bata drummers in Havana.

With MIT’s Balinese Gamelan (Indonesian percussion orchestra), Rebecca toured Bali as a performer, collaborated with Balinese musicians and dancers, and led performances of a piece she wrote herself.

(Me [on the left] with Christine Southworth at our Carnegie Hall gamelan performance.)

Blazing a trail.

(Drumming with my teacher, Pak Dewa Ketut Aji)

Rebecca went on to complete her graduate degree in cello performance.

(Performing Schumann with my dear friend Tracie Odum on the left)

Immersing herself in different musical styles, each with its own unique way of imparting knowledge, has given Rebecca great appreciation for many different ways of teaching and learning.

Rebecca is an avid Anusara Yoga practitioner and recently completed an 108-hour yoga immersion. One of her favorite poses is pigeon. She also loves baking chocolate chip ricotta muffins.