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"When I first perused Rebecca’s website I felt an immediate connection. Then when I contacted her, she had this innate ability to understand our goals even if I was unsure of what they were. My teenage daughter has flourished from her relationship with Rebecca, not only in her appreciation of math and the high marks that come with it, but her self-esteem is soaring!"
- Karla Stanchina
mother of 8th grade math student

Expand your mindset.
Transcend the system.
Achieve math mastery.
Making math magical
and masterable for
kids on a mission.

Making Math Magical and Master-able for Kids on a Mission

In one-on-one math tutoring, I teach passionate, creative, visionary, unique kids from around the world how to develop a growth mindset so that they can master the material, increase their confidence, and pull up their grades, while struggling less and having more fun, and sing and dance about math! Many students who come to me because they are failing math routinely raise their grades to A’s and B’s over the course of a semester because of my magical, positive, interactive, and extremely individualized approach.

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