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“Ok, my kid is a quirky, intuitive, kind, and wonderful person. She just did not get math. At all. As she progressed through elementary and middle schools, tutored all the way, doing math camps over the summer, and stints at Mathnasium, she kept falling further behind. I couldn’t help her because I didn’t know how. My husband’s approach hurt more than helped, adding to her anxiety and worsening her self esteem. I was pretty desperate by the time I connected with Rebecca. Our first couple of phone calls, learning about her and her approach, were like taking a step back, a deep breath, and looking at my child anew. I felt hopeful because I knew Rebecca’s work would never hurt my daughter and may even help her. Fast forward 4 months. My daughter is on a steady trajectory forward, enjoys geometry, loves Rebecca, and is looking forward to higher level math. She is getting it. Rebecca is patient and explores why she doesn’t understand something, helps her fill in the foundational gaps, and build up her knowledge. My daughter participates more in class, isn’t hiding from math, and seems to actually enjoy learning geometry. An added plus is that she loves being smarter than me!I call Rebecca my daughter’s unicorn – a rare and wondrous thing – a teacher worth her weight in gold.”

mother of 10th grade geometry student at Yorktown High School

“Rebecca helped my daughter renew her love of math, so that she could feel confident and competent. She’s now making A’s in 10th grade trigonometry and geometry and embracing it with joy.”

Patricia Dreame Wilson, mother of 9th grader, Paideia School, Atlanta, GA

“Rebecca Zook met my daughter where she is, and powerfully supported her towards deeper understanding of math. Mira’s confidence as a math student soared. Rebecca made each step of the way easy for me as the parent and for Mira as the student. Here is a tutor with generous kindness balanced with skillful teaching.”

Rebecca Sykes, mother of 7th-grade Mira, Chicago, IL

“Rebecca’s customized instruction allowed my son to really focus on the concepts and skills he needed most and to work at a pace that suited his needs. Perhaps the best indicator of just how well my son embraced her warm demeanor and tutoring style was his request to continue his study with her even AFTER his math exam was completed!”

Pam Krueger, mother of 17 year old homeschooler, Somerville, MA

“Six months ago Jasmin was struggling with even basic concepts and had lost interest. Now she loves math thanks to Rebecca’s patient and innovative and fun teaching methods. She has passed all her subjects including math and is on her way to Middle School. Rebecca’s restored my belief in miracles!!!!”

Anand Naidoo, Washington, DC, father of 5th-grade math student

“I improved tremendously in all areas of my math skills while working with Rebecca.”

Maddie Yardley, 10th grade Algebra 2 student, The Winsor School

“Rebecca made me actually like math more than I ever thought I would.”

Greer McCormick, 10th grade Geometry student, Boston Latin School

“I wish I wasn’t so good at math this year, so I could still see Rebecca.”

Bonnie Wilson-McNair, 9th grade Algebra 2 and Geometry student, Paideia School

My daughter just said three words I never thought I’d hear her say: “I LOVE MATH!”

Lisa Tedeschi, mother of Algebra 2 student

“Before I started working with Rebecca, I thought I was a terrible math student. I didn’t understand anything and I got frustrated very easily. Now, I can say I have much more confidence in my abilities and I have learned so much more math. I think the key was the ability to start back at some of the basics that had confused me and work up from there, so I understood where everything was coming from. Rebecca was very patient and gave very clear explanations. She was able to recognize areas in which I needed more help and recommend good resources and practice problems for us to use in tutoring sessions. I’ve improved drastically from where I started!”

Alexandra Wickson, Algebra 2 and Precalculus student, Lakeside High School, Atlanta, GA

“I feel very fortunate to have found Rebecca to tutor my daughter in algebra 2/pre-calculus. She is such a good tutor – very patient with her students and has a real knack for targeting the exact type of help her students need and identifying appropriate supplemental resources to utilize in her tutoring sessions. I know that she made a difference in my daughter’s attitude toward math and certainly in her grades. I have already recommended her without hesitation to many of my friends.”

Gail Gunnells, mother of Algebra 2/Precalculus student, Atlanta, GA

“Before we worked together…I really did not like math. It was my least favorite subject…I wasn’t inspired to learn. … A lot has changed…I sit in the front of the class now, I raise my hand, I answer lots of questions, and I ask lots of questions. There’s been times when I’ve gone up to the board and written out problems for the whole class…I feel more connected with math! My test grades and my average overall grades are a lot higher than they would be without Rebecca’s tutoring and learning from her. I got the hardest question [to present publicly for my oral Precalculus final], and I was so nervous, but I went up there and I did it, and I was able to do everything, and I got an A, and I was so proud of myself, and it was really wonderful and great…[I felt like] I can do anything!

Jessica, Pre-Calculus and Calculus student, Washington, DC

“If your child struggles in math, I HIGHLY recommend Rebecca. When Rebecca tutored Miranda, Miranda went from being a C/D math student to straight A’s. We knew Miranda was smart, but she had trouble keeping up in math. She just needed someone to put it into words she could understand. That’s why Rebecca was so awesome; she demystified math and put Miranda in a place of control. Every kid deserves that. And she tutors WORLDWIDE so she can tutor your child no matter where you live!”

Sheri Lynch, Atlanta, GA

Rebecca engaged my daughter in the material, provided clear and concise explanations, and assigned meaningful exercises to be completed in between sessions. … I was completely apprised of the progress my daughter was making with the material. All this was well worth the cost of her sessions. Thanks to Rebecca, my daughter placed into her advanced math course, but if she should need some help along the way, I would not hesitate to bring Rebecca back into the picture.”

Martha Ortiz, mother of rising 8th grade math student at the Baldwin School, Philadelphia, PA

“What has Rebecca done for my 11th grade daughter and me? Hanna has gone from C’s to 90’s in her Mathematical Analysis/Trig class. She is one of the top students now and is answering her classmates’ questions. She has conquered her math fears and feelings of inadequacy in the subject. Hanna has faced a challenge and conquered it.”

Geri Smith-Benjamin, mother of 11th-grade Mathematical Analysis/Trig student at Washington-Lee High School, Arlington, Virginia

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