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why i’m different

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You know exactly who you’re dealing with

Many tutoring services that use technology provide little to no information about who their tutors are on their websites. I make all of my experience and qualifications available on my website so you can really get a sense of who I am.

You’ll work with me every time

Many other tutoring services that use technology work out of a randomized tutor pool that makes it difficult or impossible to work with the same tutor every time. I offer continuity. I manage long-term learning goals, routinely communicate with parents and teachers, and develop long-term mentor relationships with my students.

I’m a native speaker.

Many other tutoring programs that use technology employ tutors who are non-native speakers with heavy accents. I am a native speaker with no accent!

Great communication and interaction

Many other tutoring programs that use technology offer tutoring by text chat only (AIM, yahoo messenger, etc) or even over email (no live interaction!). I offer live tutoring via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom, so we communicate in real time the same way you would during an in-person tutoring session.

The most intuitive technology available

Other tutors that use technology require you to type math out using a keyboard, draw it with a mouse, or use complicated math software. My tutoring service uses a digital tablet and an online whiteboard, which means you can write math by hand, just like you do in math class, while doing your homework, or while taking a test.