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I’ve learned that the way I work is absolutely not for everyone. The families who are successful in working with me have the following qualities:

This IS for you if…

You know you need something different, and you do not want typical tutoring.

You want your kid to have fun mastering math so that they can live their dreams.

Your kid stands out from the crowd. In some way, they do not fit in.

Your child’s uniqueness and creativity is precious and inviolable to you. You would never want this to be destroyed or sucked out of them.

You see that your kid is blazing their own trail.

Your kid has a vision and passions, and you love this about them. Even if you don’t always understand their vision and passions, it’s very important to you to support them.

Your kid is willing to go for it and take a stand for their vision and passion.

You see that your kid’s vision and passion is bigger than the system, and you want them to have the tools to transcend the system so they can have the skills to flourish anywhere and create their own life and reality. You know that the world is not always friendly and supportive to people who are different, who are blazing the trail, or who are visionaries. You want to support them so they can be resilient in hostile environments and also be able to change their environment and even create their own environment.

You know that your kid is actually going to need MORE skills to creatively blaze their own trail. They will need a deeper connection to their own inner truth. They’ll need to be more courageous, articulate, skillful, strong, resilient in the face of fear/doubt/disappointment/confusion. They’ll need a deeper and deepening connection between their own inner guidance/intuition and outer actions. You know they will have to have the guts to validate themselves and be willing to hold fast to their vision when no one else is seeing it, or telling them it’s impossible.

You want your kid to have the tools they need to pursue their dreams, talents, gifts, and zone of genius, and be truly self-determined.

You want your kid’s experience of learning to involve growth, creativity, freedom, the enjoyment that comes from mastery, and the satisfaction of fulfilling their own vision.

You see that what’s on the line right now with math isn’t just your kid’s current experience, but whether they see themselves as someone who can overcome obstacles with courage and determination, or as someone who has decided there are things they can’t be or do because of their issues with math.

You sense that the current educational system is over a century out of date, and can see how it does not prepare passionate, visionary kids to blaze their own trail, and this bothers you. You see how the world is changing and that the new world requires new skills and new ways of navigating which are not cultivated or encouraged in most educational environments.

It’s important for you that your kid to be nurtured, supported and mentored by a bad-ass who has also blazed their own trail and transcended the system (and is continuing to do so).

You know that your kid’s going to “make it” in their own completely unique way, so you want them to have a close, long-term mentoring relationship with someone else who’s made it in her own completely unique way. You see that there is no one-size-fits-all formula for success, and you want your kid to be powerfully connecting with a like minded visionary/trailblazing mentor who has also created her own formula.

You want your kid to work with someone who sees they are valuable, worthy, and have gifts, and helps them see this for themselves.

You want your kid’s preparation and training as a trailblazer/visionary/future thought leader in this new world to start now.

You see the math mastery process as a vehicle for your kid to come more fully into themselves and be more of who they are.

You want your kid to experience the math mastery process as something fun, intuitive, creative, and even magical.

You want the math mastery support process to nurture their independence and autonomy.

You know you want your kid to receive long-term consistent math mastery support, and you find the idea of that reassuring.

You want your kid to move out of math survival mode into feeling confident, safe, and secure.

It’s really important to you that your kid truly understands the math themselves and enjoys and even loves it.

Your kid is excited and relieved to do tutoring. They know they need help and they are absolutely on board to get it.

Grades are secondary to you. They’re just an indicator of the mastery process and an opportunity for learning. If your kid gets great grades, your response is, yay, you did a great job learning this! If their grades are not-so-great, it’s just an opportunity for further learning, and more information about where they are in the mastery process.

Investing in your kid’s education with time, money, and energy is a top priority for you.

You are focused on supporting the long-term process of learning.

You want tutoring that is live and in real time.

Your kid loves to express themselves verbally.

Your kid has no problem concentrating on their own for 60-90 minutes.

You are organized and respectful.

It’s a high priority for you to remember your appointments and show up for them on time.

You want to work together as a team.

You and your kid both have a high level of respect for yourself and others.

You and your kid both have a high level of personal responsibility.

The idea of using my technology to do tutoring is exciting and fun to both you and your kid.

It’s important to you that the true cause of your current math issues is effectively addressed.

You and your kid are both committed to transformation and willing to change.

You and your kid both enjoy reflecting as part of your growth process.

Your family is deeply growth-oriented.

You want to take the time to talk with me before we work together so we know it’s really a fit, and to go through the steps of my meticulous intake process to ensure we are a true match and that we feel trust.

This is NOT for you if…

You are looking for typical tutoring.

You only care about your kid’s grades. All you want for your child is a better math grade only.

You want short-term tutoring only (i.e., help with your homework tonight or for a test this week or next).

The idea of working with my technology turns you off or you don’t think it will work for your kid.

You want tutoring that is free.

You are looking for the cheapest tutor.

Your kid doesn’t want to do tutoring.

Your kid doesn’t like to talk or express themselves verbally.

You want to do tutoring over email or text.

You want to pay someone else to do your (or your kid’s) homework for you.

You are not interested in a long-term mentoring relationship, and the idea of committing to a long-term process is a turnoff for you.

You need your tutoring sessions to be scheduled for the exact same days and times every single week, and if the schedule ever has to change you will be angry or upset.

You don’t care about your kid actually understanding the math, you just want them to get through it.

You don’t want to spend time talking to me before we work together to be sure it’s the right fit.

Your kid isn’t doing their math homework.

Your kid isn’t paying attention in math class.

Your kid isn’t already giving it their all.

You think your kid might be having problems because they just don’t care.

Your kid has difficulty concentrating for 60-90 minutes.

You have difficulty remembering and keeping appointments and showing up for appointments on time.

You or your kid are whiners, complainers, or blamers.

Your kid does not take responsibility for their own learning.

Your kid doesn’t want to do the work.

You and your kid aren’t committed to actually doing what they need to do to improve.

Your kid can’t articulate what they are experiencing in class or in tutoring.

Your kid is depressed most of the time.

Your kid wants to act out their math resistance at me instead of overcoming it as a team.

You have difficulty following instructions.

You or your kid are irresponsible, disrespectful, or disorganized.

You want to use the tutoring process as a place to have a power struggle with your spouse or ex.

You are combative, argumentative, or distrusting.

You’re OK with staying in survival mode.

You’re OK with your kid’s experience of education being fearful, competitive, scarcity-oriented, outer-directed, institutional, focused on fulfilling others’ requirements and expectations, involving kissing teachers’ and administrators’ asses to succeed or get ahead, and doing what they’re told.

You just want a band-aid.