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The Math Unicorn is back! FREE Math Tea Parties – Sept 1 & 2, 2020

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

The other day, a rising 4th grader who came to our first math tea party wanted to know, “When is the next one?” 

Well, good news! Our next math tea party is next week!

And you’re invited!

Do you feel overwhelmed by suddenly having to teach your kid math?

Wondering how you’ll make it through another school year full of unknowns? 

Filled with dread trying to explain math homework? 

Would you rather eat razor blades than face another year of trying to do this alone?

Do you wish you could actually make math…magical? 

Then come join us this coming Tues 9/1 and Wed 9/2 at 4 pm eastern,
as I join forces with beloved tea party legend, Mrs. B of Tea With Mrs B
for this fun virtual event.

We will unveil the secrets of making math magical that I’ve discovered over my career as a Professional Math Unicorn, helping creative, passionate, unique kids achieve true math mastery.

You will learn simple, effective, fun tools that can be used on any problem and at any grade level.

Then we will practice applying these tools together, 
choosing from problems you bring to class, 
with participants taking turns in the spotlight getting help directly from me.

Wear your favorite tea party hat, and bring your favorite tea!

This event is designed for:
– parents, 
– or parents and kids *together*,
– but is NOT for kids to attend solo.   
(This is NOT a “drop-off” event.)

NOTE: This time we’re splitting it into two age groups: 

Tuesday, September 1st 

Time: 4-5pm eastern

Grades: 1 & 2

Cost: FREE

Location: virtual, on Zoom (link will be sent 24 hours prior to event)

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER yourself & your 1st-2nd grader

Wednesday, September 2nd

Time: 4-5pm eastern

Grades: 3 & up

Cost: FREE

Location: virtual, on Zoom (link will be sent 24 hours prior to event)

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER yourself & your 3rd-12th grader

I can’t wait to see you there!!

Sending you love,


PS. And please share with anyone who you sense could use this support! I’ve been making math magical online since 2009 and I know how to do it in a way that is effective, fun, and energizing. So come and join us!

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Math Tutoring Is Not Cancelled

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

I know that your school/community is probably either closed, switching to remote learning, or deciding to do one or the other, and that this is probably super stressful for you.

I’ve been working remotely with all my clients since 2010. Working this way is totally normal for me.

So if you (or someone you know) are looking for one-on-one remote math tutoring during this time—even when you’re super stressed, worried, overwhelmed, and/or uncertain—just call me, 617-888-0160, or email me,

We are in an exceptional time, but learning is not cancelled. Mastery is not cancelled. Creativity is not cancelled. Joy is not cancelled. Math tutoring is not cancelled.

I’m here for you.

Sending you love,
Professional Math Unicorn

PS. Please share with anyone you think might find this helpful!

PPS. Here’s what one of my student’s mom’s recently shared about their experience with me: “My daughter just did not get math. At all. As she progressed through elementary and middle schools, tutored all the way, she kept falling further behind.

“[Now], my daughter is on a steady trajectory forward, enjoys geometry, loves Rebecca, and is looking forward to higher level math. My daughter participates more in class, isn’t hiding from math, and seems to actually enjoy learning geometry. I call Rebecca my daughter’s unicorn – a rare and wondrous thing – a teacher worth her weight in gold.”

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Tutoring Technology Update: What I Use Now

Monday, October 1st, 2012

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what technology I’m currently using to work with my students. So I’m gonna lay it all out for you!

Whiteboards: With all my students, I use groupboard designer as our online whiteboard.

I am no longer using Team Skrbl, which unfortunately is no longer functional. Talkandwrite only works with an old version of Skype (the desktop API) so now I just use groupboard.

I have tried every single whiteboard I can find out there, and these are my current favorites. If you have one you prefer, let me know, and I’ll be happy to give it a try.

Video: All students now use Skype video during our sessions so we can both see and hear each other.

Pen Tablets: Also, re: which bamboo pen tablet I recommend — every single one I’ve used has worked great with the whiteboards above. I just use the most basic model because that’s all my students need for writing math out — they just don’t need the fancier functions of a professional graphics tablet.

Thanks to all the developers who have made these awesome products a reality! I use them every day with my students, and I really want to spread the word about the good stuff.

Are you intrigued by using this kind of fun technology to work one-on-one with a caring mentor to master math, increase your confidence, and really improve your grades?

Then I invite you to apply for my very special one-on-one math tutoring programs!

Just click here to get started with your special application. Once your application is received, we’ll set up a special phone call to get clear if my approach would be a good fit for your child.

I’m excited to connect!

Sending you love,

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