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My online tutoring technology (2): Why I chose Team Skrbl

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

I am no longer using Team Skrbl, which unfortunately is no longer functional. For a full update of what I’m currently using instead, check out the latest post on my online tutoring technology.

Out of the twelve interactive online whiteboards that I tested with a digital pen tablet, Team Skrbl works the best of all. Hands down.

Here’s why:
• It’s extremely pleasureable to draw with when you use a pen tablet.
• It’s intuitive to use.
• The huge and scrollable screen size gives you room to finish even complex problems in a single screen. No toggling back and forth between multiple screens.
• The buttons are easy to understand and use.
• I can use it immediately without waiting. There is no need to schedule a session or wait for anything to load.
• It has an eraser function. (This is key when learning math 😉 )
• Whiteboards are automatically saved so students can review them whenever they want.
• Skrbl’s developer was interested in my feedback & suggestions.

Do you have another online whiteboard you love to use with a digital pen tablet? Are you an online whiteboard developer interested in adding tablet support to your product, or creating a new product that includes tablet support? I want to hear from you!

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Posts Tagged as "digital pen tablet"

My online tutoring technology (1): Why I chose the Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Out of all the technologies out there, why did I choose the Wacom Bamboo digital pen tablet for my online tutoring students?

Here’s why:
• It’s extremely easy to use.
• It’s intuitive. Just like drawing or writing with a pen.
• It’s ergonomic. (Unlike drawing with a mouse, which is physically agonizing after a few minutes.)
• It’s small and portable. (Unlike an actual physical whiteboard.)
• It’s affordable. (Unlike more elaborate pen tablets with fancy professional-designer-quality features that are unnecessary for tutoring purposes.)
• It’s high quality.
• The digital pen is a pencil-shaped object. So during online tutoring we write the same way you write in math class, for homework assignments, or when taking a test.
• There’s nothing extra to learn. You don’t have to learn any fancy software or codes to write out the math on the computer screen.

I want my students to experience online tutoring as something that makes math easier for them, not more frustrating. So I saught out the most frustration-free technology possible. Bamboo is part of my time-tested ideal combination.

Thank you, Wacom, for developing and manufacturing this awesome product!!!

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