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It’s time to dance… MATH dance!

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

What an awesome way to remember what some of the essential functions look like!

Beautiful Math Dance Moves

Next time one of my students needs to remember what a function looks like, I’m gonna say, “Let’s DANCE!!”

*Via coeurdewhale at tumblr (I believe this is who created the image, but I’m not sure) and dong6241 at piccsy, a lovely site that showcases user-submitted images and has a great visual image search (blogger’s delight)!

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2 Comments on “It’s time to dance… MATH dance!”

  • Tutoring Match on August 12th 1:20 pm

    I imagine learning these dance moves would be just as complicated (if not more so) than learning the math itself! Fun concept though.

  • Rebecca Zook on August 12th 1:39 pm

    You know, I really think it depends on the student. For some students, learning dance moves might be harder than memorizing graphs. For others, dancing the graph could really make it click. That’s why I collect lots of different ways of explaining things so I have more than one way to help each student.

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