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Who is Rebecca Zook?


I have my own online math tutoring business helping kids get math into their brains.

I make videos to share my best teaching ideas.

#1 – Multiplying Binomials with the Box Method (alternative to FOILing) from Rebecca Zook on Vimeo.


I blog about the learning process on my blog, Triangle Suitcase.

Here are some of my favorite posts:
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My writing has been featured on Mashable and covered by the New York Times and Wired.


I started doing yoga in high school when a friend of mine taught me yoga from a book. Then I led yoga classes for 11 and 12 year olds.

Now I practice Anusara yoga. I love it because it is very joyful and very specific. I recently completed an 108-hour immersion, but don’t worry — I didn’t do it all in one sitting.



I’m a cellist and I create new music. I’ve performed with my own jazz and hip hop ensemble, composed for string quartet, played for whirling dervishes, created my own Cuban dance songs, written for Balinese gamelan, and apprenticed with a symphony orchestra.

(Performing Schumann with my dear friend Tracie Odum on the left)

I’ve played Balinese gamelan (an Indonesian percussion orchestra) for seven years. The shimmering sounds, interlocking rhythms, and explosive energy have become another musical home for me.

(Me [on the left] with Christine Southworth at our 2004 Carnegie Hall gamelan performance.)

I love the transformational energy that can be unleashed in performance and break peoples’ hearts open.

Language learner

I like to learn new languages so I can talk to the musicians I collaborate with in other countries. Before I went to Cuba, I taught myself Spanish by using a book called Spanish for Gringos and making friends with people from El Salvador who worked in my university cafeteria.

To prepare for my trip to Indonesia, I got a grant to attend an eight-week immersion program for Indonesian language at the University of Wisconsin. Then I taught Indonesian to my gamelan so they could speak Indonesian too.


(Drumming with my teacher, Pak Dewa Ketut Aji)

I’ve gone on musical adventures in both Cuba and Bali, and I hope to go on many more.

In Bali, I collaborated with Balinese musicians, performed my piece for gamelan, “Blink,” and studied Balinese dance and Balinese drumming with amazing teachers.

(Dancing with my Balinese dance teacher, I.G.A. Raka)

And more…

I also love to ride my bicycle, dance, read, make delicious food, create colorful and sparkly outfits, and talk to my friends about how they can make their dreams come true.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 617-888-0160 or email me at